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Scientific News Monitoring & Economic Intelligence

Scientific News Monitoring & Economic Intelligence

With their expertise in the fields of Scientific and Technological Information, strategic information and communication, Patrick Lacour et Françoise Ambiaux have set up monitoring strategies. Every day, the results of these alerts settings allow to select the information that is most relevant to the needs of the COSYS' researchers. 



In the past few year, the world of research has undergone major changes which have resulted in the need for the appropriation of Economic Intelligence

  •   The opening up of public research is widespread, carried out by the various national and European policies, 

  • News forms of scientific and industrial collaborations are encouraged to create synergies by breaking down disciplines and skills, 
  • New start-ups are emerging,
  • Researchers do not always have the time to watch over and sort out more and more informations, yet it is necessary to respond to calls for proposals, to make themselves known, 


The activities of the monitoring unit contribute to


  • maintain a good knowledge of the socio-economic environment,
  • identify opportunities for technological development,
  • follow changes in public research policies,
  • monitor economic and international contexts,,
  • to meet, communicate, exchange.


Follow the news in the public communication media